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  1. The guild offers a hands on approach to learning the craft and art of woodturning.
  2. Meetings are held on a regular basis to exchange ideas, knowledge and to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of woodturning.
  3. Learning about and promoting lathe and equipment safety.
  4. Access to books, magazines and videos in our library.
  5. Enjoying special events/demonstrations hosted by professional turners and guests.
  6. Participating in monthly Show and Tell.
  7. You can develop your demonstrating skills.

Edmonton Woodturners Guild Membership dues are due by the end of December 2021. Complete the Membership form and scan or take a picture, then email to

Payment by E-Transfer, Cheque or Cash.
Due to COVID restrictions this will not be possible for 2022 payments. The following will be the preferred payments method for 2022.
Payment methods for 2022:
E-Transfer to –
Please enter this security word DUES where it asks you on the E-Transfer form.
Cheques – Make payable to – Edmonton Woodturners Guild
Cash payments for 2022 are not recommended, as these will have to be by mail. EWG will not be responsible for any lost/stolen dues in the mail.
➢ General membership dues $40.00.
➢ Family membership dues $50.00.
➢ Dues for members that live farther than 100 km from the center of Edmonton $30.00.
➢ Members under 18 will be encouraged to obtain a family membership as this provides greater protection to the guild under our current insurance policy.
➢ Associate members (defined as members of other woodturning clubs) $20.00.
Associate Members will not have access to our members only area of the EWG website. However, they will receive our newsletter and be able participate in general or digital meetings.
Mail your membership dues to:
Geoff Sykes
EWG Treasurer
35 Harvest Point
Spruce Grove T7X 0V8

To download and print a Membership Form Please CLICK HERE

Guild Members can participate in our Members Only area of the website. To log in, use the Members Login menu (above).